Fees:  $30 for supplies; IB Fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of AR650A/B - IB Visual Arts SL is required.

General Description: Students will work out a course of study with the individual teacher per IB Guidelines. The visual arts syllabus demonstrates a clear distinction between the course at SL and at HL, with additional assessment requirements at HL that allow for breadth and greater depth in the teaching and learning. The assessment tasks require HL students to reflect on how their own work has been influenced by exposure to other artists and for them to experiment in greater depth with additional art-making media, techniques and forms. HL students are encouraged to produce a larger body of resolved works and to demonstrate a deeper consideration of how their resolved works communicate with a potential viewer.

While there is an exam fee for this class students submit a portfolio of work rather than sit for an actual exam in May. In order to submit a portfolio at the HL level, students must have completed AR650A/B - IB Visual Arts SL in the previous year. For specifics on the required submissions please check with the course instructors.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Pencil, sketchbook