Fee: IB Exam Fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: "B" or higher in both semesters of IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 1. Students must have taken the first year of this course MT649A/B – IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 1, to be eligible to sit for the IB exam for this course.

General Description: IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 2 (IB Math HL 2) is the third of three consecutive years of math that prepare students to sit for the IB Higher Level (HL) Math exam in May. This multi-year course meets the needs of students who have a passion for math and a strong interest in pursuing a STEM major. This course is for those who enjoy exploring math at a deeper level, specifically with a calculus focus. Mastery of this 3-course series content will allow students to enter second year college calculus. This sequence of math courses is taken in consecutive years leading up to the HL Math exam. The HL Math exam may be taken in grade 12 only.


  • Integration by parts, trig substitution, method of partial fractions
  • Improper integral
  • Application of integration (motion, work, area, volumes of revolution)
  • Differential equations (linear, homogenous, and separable)
  • Maclaurin Series
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Complex numbers and De Moivre’s Theorem
  • Statistics (discrete random variable, binomial, Continuous, and Normal Distributions


Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Teacher-directed instruction
  • Small group collaboration

Equipment to be provided by Student: Graphing calculator; a TI-brand graphing calculator (not CAS) is recommended

NOTE: In order to sit for the IB Math HL exam, students must take both MT649A/B - Math Analysis and Approaches HL 1 and IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 2 in 11th & 12th grades.