Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of World History 1, 2, and 3 or the equivalent.

General Description: This course is the first of a two year progression that prepares students for sitting for the Higher Level exam in May of their senior year. The IB History of the Americas HL 1 course is based on a comparative and multi-perspective approach to the history of the Americas. It involves the study of a variety of types of history, including political, economic, social, and cultural, and provides a balance of structure and flexibility. The course emphasizes the importance of encouraging students to think historically and to develop historical skills, as well as gain factual knowledge. It puts a premium on developing the skills of critical thinking, and on developing an understanding of multiple interpretations of history. In this way, the course involves a challenging and demanding critical exploration of the past.

Content: The course has a primary focus on U.S. History from the Civil War to the present with comparative historical elements from Latin America and Canada. In-depth units of study include: Civil War and Reconstruction, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam Era, and Emergence of Contemporary America.

Strategies: Students will practice critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, and research skills.

Equipment to be provided by Student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended

Note: Skyline offers the IB History exam at the Higher Level only. In order to sit for the IB History exam, students must take both IB History of the Americas HL 1 and SS655A/B - IB History of the Americas HL 2 in 11th & 12th grades.