Fees: ManageBac fee (TBD ~$15); IB Diploma Programme fee (TBD ~$40 – graduation stole, banquet fee)

Learning Recommendations: Students should be registered for the IB Career-Related Program (IBCP) and have selected a career-related study.

General DescriptionThe Personal and Professional Skillscourse emphasizes the development of transferable skills needed to operate successfully in society. The course focuses on critical and ethical thinking, intercultural understanding and the ability to communicate effectively. Personal and Professional Skills covers a minimum of 90 hours spanning spring of junior year and the fall of senior year during the seven period day (INT650). The class will also present students with opportunities to focus on the other IBCP Core Requirements including the Reflective Project, the Language Extension, and the Service Learning Component.


  • Introduction to the PPS and the Learner Profile
  • Communication Skill Development
  • Personal Development
  • Thinking
  • Intercultural Understanding


  1. The student will develop a sense of social awareness, community involvement and social action.
  2. The student will recognize issues of equity, justice, and responsibility.
  3. The student will increase awareness of his or her own strengths and areas for growth.
  4. The student will undertake new challenges.
  5. The student will plan and initiate activities such as service learning activities, as well as small student-led activities.
  6. The student will work collaboratively with others.
  7. The student will engage with issues of global importance
  8. The student will consider the ethical implications of his or her actions.

Equipment to be provided by Student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended